Has anyone heard an Orange Tiny Terror in action? I was looking to get a low watt tube amp for home use and recording. I've looked into it a bit tho and I'm thinking about getting one of these to hook up to my Valvestate 2000 AVT 50 which I'm going to fit with a vintage 30 that I've got lying around. That way I'm not living in a pit filled with amps.
I was thinking something similar a few months ago.

The impedence on the AVT50 (4ohms) won't match the Tiny Terror (8 or 16). I'd suggest buying yourself a nice 1x12 or 2x12 to go with the TT and either keeping or selling the AVT.
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The TT is drop dead fantastic for many things blues and classic rock, and a few things that aren't blues and classic rock. It's very high on my list of things to buy in the near future.

That being said, the TT sounds great through an Epi VJ cabinet. It's dirt cheap and has a 16 ohm load.
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I've played through the TT and it's a great amp. It's a slightly lower gain amp than the Rocker 30 and is great for blues and classic rock. Very versatile and with an OD could do alot of metal tones. Definitely worth a look and I've considered buying one for recording and such as they're so versatile and easy to move.
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