sounds good so far, I dig the lead work especially that....flange? maybe a phaser? idk, goes good though

the vocals are sick dude, i think they go perfectly with it
no bad comments from me.

definitely sending an add to you, id like to keep up with your work. i totally dig it man

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I don't quite know what to think about this really. The song just doesn't flow, and your choice of reverb for your vocals sounds too tinny. Not much I can say really to make it better cause it sounds like you deliberately made the song that way, so really it's just not my kind of music.

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Intro = awesome.

I couldn't really dig the verse style until the second one, then it started the grow on me. I like how the instruments flow in and out. The chorus has a relaxed feel to it. I think it's because you have the guitar mixed at a "distance" and the vocals are drenched in reverb. I really like it. Solo added right to the feel of the chorus. Relaxed with a small hint of "epicness". Kudos on this, bro.

I wouldn't consider this hard rock, though.

Here's mine:

thanks guys. as far as the "hard rock" goes, i couldn't think of a better way to describe it. sorry
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Listening now. Pretty good intro, sometimes it feels the drum fills don't transfer with the changing guitar chords. Lead is good. The mix is a bit rough, the guitars sound like they were recorded with an omnidirectional mike from a few feet away. I'd like to hear the rhythm guitar mix up the playing a bit, It seems I hear the same riff repeating over and over again. Wait, there's a change during the outtro solo...Not much of a change though. I feel like the singer is holding back when he sings. Just let it roll. Not bad. Not hard rock though You kinda sound like Blocker from Exit 380 -> www.myspace.com/exit380

Thanks for my crit -> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=696144
The Intro was Great!
I didnt really like the drums, the fills weren't really there with the guitar parts, no harmony.
The songwriting, is what I love, the song is really well written, nice chords and stuff, really lik that.
SOLO TIMEEE<3 , pretty nice solo dude ! I definately hear the blues influences, superclean bends and nice feel, really nice.
The singing is pretty nice too, although I think you are holding back a little bit.
Overal a pretty good job mate !

And thanks for critting mine, appreciate it.
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First things first, thanks for critting my song

Wow, I really like how the song starts, it's right there in your face. I like the dynamic between the intro/chorus and the verses, it's nice. I'm not a huge fan of the vocals in the verse, perhaps a little... 'droney', for want of a better word; however they really work well in the chorus. I really like the lyrics in the chorus too, the verses also, but the chorus stands out (like a chorus should).

The solo was great, nothing excessive, did the job and conveyed the emotion and mood of the song; I feel like perhaps it should have continued to the outro as the song doesn't feel very satisfying.

Overall, great job
thanks! it was really fun to record this one. kind of one of those times when everything comes easily, and nothing is too hard to do on time.
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Your voice sounds a bit like this guy from an unsigned Melbourne band I used to have a demo off, but of course it isn't you because you are in USA!

Everyone has said it is a little tinny, but it would prob sound better on real speakers. Computer speakers don't offer much umph.

It starts off kicking arse and taking names, which is cool, and changes a bit into the soft/loud dynamic.

It probably isn't my style of music, I'm not much for heavier stuff, but I do like it. It's a bit Radiohead's rocker moments, but that crossed with metal I suppose. Somewhere in the middle there.

The fact you are doing everything is great. I always appreciate that.

Put it this way, your song won't be played on Top 40 radio, but that doesn't mean it isn't good. Who wants to be a pop star anyways?

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I've said this every time I've critted you but your voice reminds me of Tool's singer so much, as your bass parts remind me of Tool. I sorta wish that there wasn't so much reverb, but overall this song was really cool. The recording sounded great and I of course love your voice. But perhaps the best part of this song was the solo, well played ^_^

Thanks for the crit btw.

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