Hi, have had my bass about a week now, and am not very happy. I have gotten this book to teach myself notes but i just can't do it. I am very confused while reading notes and don't know what string to play when i see the note, is there a way i can teach my self how to read these notes or an easier way or some technique or training schedule i could have any light on this subject is much appreciated
yeah like reading sheet music i am learning up to the 4th frets on every string but having alot of trouble
Well I suggest you start with tablatures (Go to the lessons section). And download a good tablature software like Guitar Pro (Payware) Powertab (Freeware)... They really help.
It's practice mate. Honestly, theory at first, for the first few months of playing can result extremely overwhelming. I recommend you start off with something that you'll enjoy more, so you can play a bit of guitar first, hell, who cares if it's three blind mice you are playing, before you go into theory. You'll see that once you start to realize how your guitar sounds and what you can play on it, theory starts to fall into place on it's own. Especially the basic, notes on the fret board etc.

I'd recommend you learn the notes on the staff first, and then place them on the fretboard yourself. That way it's more of a logic exercise for you rather than trying to learn the notes off by heart without being to bass it on anything.

Just to help you get started, the notes on the staff are:

1 line: E
2 line : G
3 line : B
4 line : F
Remember the first line is starting from the bottom.

I'll let you work out the spaces and post them back.

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Do you mean find tabs to play for a couple oof months then introduce myself into theory?
Yeah, not even has to be tabs, it can be a few chords. Like E, G and then C. Or whatever, just learn to play a few things whilst you learn theory.

It's good to centre yourself around theory once you are an advanced player, but as a beginner you should try to focus a bit of your attention on everything.