Hey people,

I'm in talks with a work colleague on buying my first car! He's selling his P-Reg Volkswagen Polo 1.4 CL, which i'm interested in. We've worked out that insurance is going to be around £800 for first year on a third party with my parents. He wants a £1000 for it, yet we've left him an offer of £800 (Talk about piss take!) and hopefully he'll lower his price to around £900 which makes it a fair enough deal. Mileage is 50k which is very good considering it's an 11 year old car.

Now, here's the advice I need. The colour is Red, which means over time it's seen better days and now looking partially faded and dare I say slightly Pink. It's liveable but I really want it to look a bit nicer so i've come for help on paintwork treatment.

I've looked into a Buffer machine, but these aren't cheap and it's a bit of a waste of money if it's no good. I've also seen Turtle Wax Colour Restorer and Auto Glym Paint Renovator, anyone tried these on faded paint?

This is what I was looking at, the paint is better than the top picture but Ideally i'd like it as nice as the last picture!

Any advice?
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If your polishing your car back to red, you need a paint restorer to fetch the dea oxide off. Unfortunatly, it dosent work to well on red cars if they have a laquar on them as the basecoat fades. However, if you want a pink shiny car, then go for it!

Just make sure its a cool day with no sun, preferbly even a little bit humid, and if you ever drop the cloth, dont pick it up... and also if you use a white cloth, and theres a greyish looking stain on it, your doing it right!
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