I was looking for a good slow no distortion song from any metal band. For example the few i was looking at were Brave New World and Fade To Black. Any suggestions are welcome. And i prefer it be played on electric guitar no acoustic.
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You really have to better define what you mean by metal. After all, it is a huge genre. Some people only like parts of metal, ex. scream, thrash, metallica(hardrock).

Here are some quite different examples of what you want.

echo of my scream- fear factory,
1000 shards- isis
H. - Tool
most evanscence stuff, (if your like really not hard-core metal)

I dunno, you present a hard question. After all, soft-metal is kind of an oxymoron.
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a tout le monde - megadeth
the ballad - testament
blood brothers - iron maiden
the lady wore black - queensryche
another day - dream theater
mama i'm coming home - ozzy osbourne
The middle part of MAster of puppets...beginning of Welcome Home...Nothing else matters...