alright bros, for english at school i have to do some 'Elizabethan-era' newspaper; meaning i have to do a newspaper about stuff in the Renaissance era. it needs:

Needed: (minimum)

1 Review for Othello
2 News Articles
1 Human Interest Story
1 Editorial
2 Letters to the Editor
1 Comic Strip
3 Advertisements
1 Article about person/event outside of England
1 Obituary
-more newspaper like articles (if theres any other part of the newspaper you could put something in for)

and they can be about anything in that era of time. any information must be factual tho. like, if i were to have something on Queen Elizabeth's death, the time and place have to be right, but the story surrounding her demise could be fictional. i think im going to have her die in a bizarre gardening accident (spinal tap referance there), but theres a lot of work and i was wondering if anyone in UG (sadly the pit is the only place this would fit) has any ideas to help a brother out. if you can, make it school-appropriate (10th grade btw, so its not like a bunch of little pussies) and humorous too.

if anyone helps/contributes, thanks a lot.
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10th grade btw, so its not like a bunch of little pussies

Ha, ha.
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sparknotes is good for shakespeare
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For the human interest part, I think you should right about how Edmund Blackadder's best man, Lord Flasheart, stole his bride, Bob(that's short for Kate, btw) at the altar.
I think that you should make a serious newspaper, I'd have loved to do something like that when I was in school.

One of the letters in should be from a Puritan who wants to shut down theatres.

One other letter should be from a woman commenting on the execution of a Catholic priest.

But I think that this is too good an opportunity to not include the berries and cream lad somewhere, he could easily be from that time period and therefore gain media coverage.

Make a berries and cream comic strip, but with no starburst. In fact, I'll draw you one.
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