I am a high school student working part time. Over the next two or three years I am going to try and slowly accumulate equipment to turn the spare room in my apartment into a home studio. I'll start off small and add more as money permits.

That has motivated me to make this thread. I want to get an idea of what everybody thinks should be in a home studio if you had proper financial backing.

The idea of this game is to list which products you'd buy if you had 25,000 to build a studio in a spare room from scratch. Just to keep this simple we won't count a budget towards a computer, isolation booths or treating the room, or to chords/stands. All those things are pretty essential, I wanna focus on the different types/brands of equipment.

Post away!
^ +1.

also, you might wanna check out some boss recording products.
i'm assuming you either want to record in there, or do you just want a room full of toys?
I'd do some soundproofing first.
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What are the dimensions of the spare room?

Describe the walls.

Describe the door.

Describe its existing furniture and whether this could be removed.

Based on your answers, my list will completely change.
Quote by BrianApocalypse
What are the dimensions of the spare room?

Describe the walls.

Describe the door.

Describe its existing furniture and whether this could be removed.

Based on your answers, my list will completely change.

It's a rather large room. I don't know the exact dimensions but I'd assume it's atleast 20 feet in width. Length a tad bit smaller. I could be wrong, that is just estimating.

It has a wooden door, and one large window that can be closed shut.

My plan is to use a room within a room as an isolation booth, and possibly build another larger room within a room to be used as the mixing room.

Furniture can be removed. Just think of an empty room.
my sugestions, all prices are off the top of my head.

get a mac... macbook pro is more than enough though these days an imac can run pretty much anything PERFECTLY with 2 gigs of ram.. so thatll set you back roughly 2 grandish if your a student (you get a discount)

monitor speakers krk rp6's or 8's. theyre amazing speakers and you cant go wrong. the rp8s are about 800 in america? i could be wrong but they wont be too far off that. If you can afford it genelec speakers are AMAZING! you cannot go wrong with a pair but you wont get one below 800 TRUST me. theyre usually in excess of 1000.

Audio interface. your choices are: get logic or digital performer and an audio interface like the RME fireface 800 (all of these are 8 channels) the presonus firepod, MOTU 8pre/traveller/828mkii or if you have the spare cash a 892HD. Or buy Protools with a 003 audio interface. the interfaces are gonna cost between 400 for the presonus (trusty ebay) and about 3000 for the 892HD and thats just off the top of my head.

Plugins or outboard gear.. its really up to you.. but you could buy outboard rack mountable compressors, eqs, preamps, blaah blah blah blah blah... or you can just buy... or find yourself in posession of some plugins. some good plugin companies are Izotope, wavearts, ik multimedia, psp audioware, sonalkis, plus heaps of free stuff out there.
Try to stay away from behringer gear though. its ok.. but if you want quality stick with outboard gear like presonus, yamaha makes some stuff, alesis isnt too bad, antares does a program that has pitch correction and vocal effects in both software and hardware varieties, foscurite, fostex, lexicon, apogee, ART, avalon. (the price is wide and varied for ALL of these)

You dont have to, but a mixer is handy if you only have line ins on your audio interface. (mackie, soundcraft, allen and heath are all good brands) and can range between 500 upwards (make sure they have ATLEAST 8 xlr inputs unless your not recording drums... which then you probably wont need more than 4)

As far as microphones go you could get any combination but a few sm57's are good for toms and perfect for snares, akg d112 or audix a6? i think for kick drums, a few rode nt5's or akg perception 150 or something along those lines for small condensor mics for overheadmicing, high hats, acoustic guitars etc etc etc (personally i use all bardl mics for my drums but i dont think they have an american seller, theyre a chinese company but they make damn good mics) all these mics have hugely varying prices and i dont know what theyre like in america at all but a quick search will tell you. btw the d112 and sm57s are pretty much industry standard.

Large diaphragm mics (for basically everything)
things like the rode nt1-a or nt2-a for general purpose, the rode ntk is a renowned valve(tube) mic. akg c414 (industry standard stuff) audio technica a4040 or i think its called teh a5050 which you can change the patterns on it. mxl v67 is a good mic but has coloration some people love and other hate, the mxl 2003, ADK a51. most of these cost about 350 or less with the exception of the c414, nt2-a(you might get lucky and get it lower) the nt1000 and ntk.

maybe a usb midi keyboard like the behringer u-control.. doesnt have to be fancy but if you wanna work with midi its handy. thatll cost you between 150 and 400 if your keeping it cheap

then a whole lot of leads, stands, pop filters, (most of the LDC mics come with shock mounts)

look up some of my sugestions and just remember, room inside a room can be expensive.. and how long do you intend to live there if you ARE going to do that, sometimes just setting up portable walls that have acoustic foam stapled onto them is a better option.

and dont forget you need instruments to record etc etc etc.

oh yeah almost forgot. you might want to get a thick blanket or something that you can cover your window with to sound proof the room.. maybe the same with the door but just make sure the room is sealed tight with no metal sheets hanging around... not that i think thats likely.

some of those sugestions should get you going
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Thanks for describing the room

Supposing that the room is 17 x 20' (grrr... four times the size of the cupboard I live in this year )

I could get a Pro Tools HD set up, with a mac and a 192 box, a command 8 and a huge monitor for about £5,000. We'll call this the DAW)

DAW - £5000

I'd cordon about 3/5" of the room off to be the live room, and build a proofed wall with a window and a double door in between the two. I'd then have the floors done. wooden., lastly, I'd have key areas of the room foamed up, and the door and windows replaced with thicker ones. This, the groundwork, would cost roughly another 5 grand.

Groundwork - £5k

Next, I'd buy the hardware. A 16 way wall box, a couple of lovely four 4 track audient preamps, one of those neato valve desks and a selection of mikes. We'll call that £10,000, because I'd want a couple of 87s, and the valve desk isn't exactly chipped potatoes, and let's not forget... cables and stands! These things add up.

I'd still have 5 grand left, which I will use to buy everything I forgot. A desk and decent chair, and a sofa for the band, and a drum kit and a couple of amps.
another question... are we talking pounds or dollars... big difference coz 25,000 pounds is like 50,000 dollars or close to...
If I had money to build what I want (and you did give me sound proofing and basic PC already)...hmmm off the top of my head!

Unfortunately, never had that kind of money...so I don't have specific models to pick for some items.

1) 32 track input interface chassis
2) High end control surface for the PC (Mackie has some nice ones!) which 16 channels
3) One vintage condenser mic for vocals + a nice tube pre-amp
4) Amp heads to record minimal: Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fender bassman, 5150, Vintage VOX
5) Hotplate attenuator
6) Re-amping interface
7) Bass heads a good Ampeg and GK (I'd be happy with these)
8) Good set of drum mics from Sennheiser (7 piece + front /back bass, top /bottom snare)
8a) Get a few nice large/small diaphragm condensers and dynamics. Not just expensive ones, but a variety from a number of manufacturers (though need a couple of SM57/58 for good measure)
9) Ton-o-stands I always seem to need one more stand for some mic...
10) Maple Mapex 7 piece studio drum kit...I already have a Mapex birch which would good to augment
11) Vintage compressor, verb, delay outboard HW
12) Nice set of monitors (and NOT Sony!)
13) 800 watt PA with some mains

1) Mellodyne
2) Amplitude
3) Replace every plug-in I have today with better ones!
4) Some nice mastering software
5) Every DAW available...Each have a niche they really shine in.

I think I blew the budget!
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I can't really think of much more, cause I don't know much about home recording