HI I just Picked up a guitar, and I know nothing about it, but I know how to read Tabs. I saw the Threads on the tabs for beginners, and those songs still look way to hard for a noob such as myself. Was wondering if there is any really easy songs out there that I can practice on. Or if you know of some good online lessons, that would be great, thanks.
youtube has HUNDREDS of beginner lessons... that should get you started
The first song i learned was Megadeth - Promises. It's easy, very fun to play, melodic and has awesome acoustic stuff and rhythm... Good luck
I suggest you do what i did and download powertab. Then get yourself the powertab tabs for "i stand alone" by godsmack. Very easy song to learn. First song i learned and it didnt take me long.
well first full song i learned was by white stripes called hardest button to button it will introduce you to power chords