I have been wanting a schecter gryphon limited flametop edition for a long time. I found this lady on craigs list who was sellign one for $175 with an amp and accessories and i sealed a deal with her but then she sold it to someone else for some gay reason. so i have been maniacally depressed because i also need an amp and that was my way out right there.

anyways i would prefer it in charcoal burst but ruby fade is also OK. i just dont want caramel burst because it looks like ****. and also any good sounding practice amp that you dont give a **** about because mine sucks.
175 is less than half what it cost, AND you want an amp with it, i dont think anyone will be giving you that good of a deal.
ive got a pretty good condition schecter gryphon in charcoal blast i have been trying to sell. also a fenter frontman 15g, if thats what you were looking for. but $175 is a bit too low for both things.

theyre $400 retail new.