ok so i work at a resturant and we stand on our feet for atleast 6 to 8 hours a day. and at the end of the night my feet are frickin killing me. my heels mainly. we dont have a chance to sit down really because its so busy.. the shoes i had i got rid of and i got more comftorable new balance sneakers. my back no longer hurts with the new shoes, but my heels still hurt and i even have gel pads. do i have foot problems or should this be happening lol? what can i do to fix it
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no my feet dont stick to tile ? lol haha. but its just really uncomftorable to have your heels hurting when your trying to do a job. what can i do to fix it
ive heard there are special shoes for that kind of job.... like chef that have to be standing up all day... and are designed specially for avoiding back and feet injuries....

dont ask me where to find them though
get some insoles and pad the heels of your shoes
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Standing for long periods of time = foot pain.

It doesn't matter what shoes you have. It's, like, inevitable.
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the only thing that makes my feet not hurt at work is when the musician starts playing his nice MIA Fender with some sweet pick ups. makes even jesus cry.

he has a weird hood thing that is part of his bridge. anyone know whats up with that?
my first day at ShopRite i wore my vans and my feet and back were killing me.

ever since that i day i always wore New Balance to work and it was 15x better

not 100% tho b/c i still had ****ing assholes making me lift 24 packs of water out of their cart when im standing behind the counter. I probably got a ****ing hernia

thats what i bought was new balance cuz my father said he wears them and they work good. but i used them for the first time yesterday so i guess i have to break them in
i do but it still hurts lol i woke up today and my heels still hurt from 10 last night