So, ive been saving up for a JSX combo becuase im sick of my ****ty 15g frontman amp. Now that ive got about $900 ive realized that i should probably get an attenuator, because 120 watts+ 2x12 is going to be really facking loud, no matter what, and it will probably be 10x louder than i will ever need (Im not gigging as of now).

Should i just get a different amp? Or should i get a JSX head and then a cheap 1x12 cab?
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You shouldn't need an attenuator. If you have a gentle touch, you can tweak the volume a fair amount to keep it low. An attenuator is more for "Crank it and play" amps like old school Fenders, Marshalls, or amps like Train Wrecks or some Fuchs.
but still, it'll still be loud as hell. But then again, i suppose i dont really need powertube disortion
Ibanez RG550 20th RFR
Traynor YCV50
Fender FMT HH Tele
Mesa Boogie 2ch Triple Rectifier
2 1x12 custom Theile cabs
ISP Decimator
Krank Kranshaft
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Nah, you should easily be able to get a good tone out of it at low volumes without one. With the JSX, its gain lies more in the preamp than the poweramp. Granted, it probably would sound better with one on it, but I honestly don't think the trade-off of replacing tubes more frequently is as good with that amp as with others.
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the master volume isn't a switch for off/120watts. u can be gentle to get it to whispering volume.
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a lot of the reviews say it sounds almost as good at low volumes, like its almost self-attenuating. it shouldnt be a problem
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You can pull out the outer two power tubes to cut the power down to 60 watts, but it doubles the impedance.
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IMO, it sounds as great as low volumes as it does loud. You won't need an attenuator. Also, keep in mind that attenuators don't give off a perfect sound that you would get at the high volume. You would be far better off just doing without it.
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Well, they make a smaller amp in the JSX line called the 'Mini Colossal' which might be exactly what you're after! It's only five watts but would suit you fine for jamming and recording.
To be honest though, a full-size combo will still sound decent at low volume, though it's always better turned up a bit!
im pretty sure the jsx has a half power switch so it would sound good at lower volume, but even if it doesnt, an attenuator isnt needed. i played this at guitar center pretty quiet and it sounded amazing(just a little overpriced imo)

Edit: Yes, the jsx does have a half power switch, and almost every review i've read mentiones its great sound at lower volumes, so i wouldnt wast the money on an attenuator.
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