Since theirs 2 inputs does that mean you can plug in 2 guitars at once? if so, are there any disadvantages in doing so?
Yes, and yes. Plugging both guitars in makes both guitars sound bad. So don't do it.

BTW, it's not really made for that.
when both guitars are plugged in they will basically sound the same, so yeah, it's pretty annoying
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how much is a valve king

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i got it for 500 plus shipping of ebay, its amazing seriously. I had to sell my Marshall tsl halfstack to buy a car so i bought the valveking. It pwns the marshall, nuff said.
No. There's usually a high input and a low input, where the low is better suited for cleans/mild overdrive while the high is better for crunch/distortion. As to whether it damages the amp, I've no idea, I've never seen anyone stupid enough to try.
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