Where I'm from, everyone's either a metalhead or into the hardcore scene. So I tend to stay out of the area's music scene from all the egos, and also I don't see much going for me in metal or hardcore.

So my question, is it wrong to write songs right now, out of the influence from other people, or is it going to lead me to a downfall or something?
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i always try to write away from the influence of other people, because all they do is shout "y'ARRRRRGGGHH" and hump each other anyway, which is very uninspiring. (yeah, i have a lot of faith in humanity)
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There's nothing wrong with writing by yourself. If you write with others, they can put in ideas that you couldn't have thought of yourself, but sometimes other people will just get in the way or critique every single measure. If you can't find someone suitable to write with, then go ahead and write by yourself. But it's your choice, after all, they're your songs.
Why you NEED someone to write with. It's nothing revolutionary to write alone.
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