i dont know it seemed alright to me, but thats me . what do you think?

Days are hard to follow
even this i know.

But when it gets bad,
and you've had all you can stand.

Just know i'm here for you
i'll stay, thats not new

But then again it hits you
like a brick it spilts you.

so you become divided,
And im standing onesided

once again were here on our own
what to do now.

I dont know how,
to keep it all together

So we just hope and pray
that maybe someday,

it'll be back again
revisit us like an old friend.

Then maybe i'll change,
i doubt this because we all stay the same.

Nothing to change
Everything to gain

i hope i stay the same
your subject is litle cliche , all those images have been used before .read the tip[s thread it will help u alot for future songs. vary ur rhyme scheme a little bit

now some good point(s)

flow was good