This recording is from my high school band, Shattered Saturn, when we competed in our local Battle of the Bands. It's in my profile and named "Pandora". It was one of my favorite originals we had. I played guitar. In case you're wondering, I play all the clean in the song and do the rhythm during the chorus and solo. And before someone mentions it, yes, the gradual tempo change during the course of the song was intentional.

The band has long since been abandoned, but I'm just wondering what you guys thought of our material. The recording was done with a camcorder at a good distance, allowing the instruments to mix and the volume level to lower so it didn't clip. Hope you enjoy.

Also, I think you may find it interesting the our drummer got his right index finger cut off 2 months prior to the show. He made a nice rebound. :P

Any constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated.
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pretty nice intro! i like your distorted tone. clean tone could have some reverb and delay perhaps? vocals were decent, but sounded really muffled, like they had highs taken out. good writing though. i really enjoyed it. this is really good for live

thanks for the crit.
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Listening now...Yea, sound is pretty muffled. PA doesn't sound too good. Vox are decent. Sounds like there is alot of energy at that show. Hmm did somebody just turn up? lol Nice solo work, much better than me hahaha. Not bad for a live recording. Good job!

Thanks for your crit on mine -> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=696144
Yeah, the sound guy wasn't top notch. He didn't even really pay attention. The band after us was playing and the PA broke down and he didn't notice... just kept on talking to his buddy while the band was on stage with nothing mic'd. :P

And he was one of the judges... *sigh*

Thanks for the comments, keep 'em coming!
nice use of dynamics shift throughout the song.i like the clean guitar part(verse?)the solo was really hard to hear overall the song sounds alot like some of the 80's punk bands i listened to growing up cool song not a fan of the vocals,though i do like when he gets more energetic in the vocals,,i would like to hear a better recording actually but the song still shines through so congrats
Critting as im listening...

very solid intro, it reminds me a bit of metallica.
The transition to the melodic bit fits great.
The riff that comes in after the vocals stop seems to fit well.
dont use all power chords all the time, mix it up a little bit.
All these power chords can get a little boring.
So far its very fluent, i like the heavier feel of it.
Ok, im listening to the solo now, i can barely hear it. But from what i can hear, its pretty sloppy, i hear some standard shred licks, might wanna change that up, give it a little more orginality.
I think its kind of repetive.
ok the song just ended.

Overall, i thought it was alright. 7.5/10
I reccomend, giving it a little more technicality, make it a little more interesting to listen to.
Also i reccomend, really increasing your lead ability, it was very sloppy from what i could hear.
Other then that, nice piece.
Listening now.

I love the clean parts! Especially in the intro.
I think the singer is ok, not really bad but not really good either, I think he has a bit of a dull voice.
The chorus is kinda' metallica like, I like that.
Solo timeeee, I think it's a bit sloppy and the volume was way too low, anyhow, I liked the energy it had, I guess it was pretty good live.
OVerall I liked the song pretty much ! Great song for playing live imo.

Thanks for your crit.
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