Hello, I have been learning Nothing else matters by Metallica and when I get to this part


The lesson said to put your fingers for an E minor chord but when I bar the seventh fret to get the A and e I can never seem to get the for some reason. It always soudns muted. I was hoping someone could give me some tips? Thanks alot.
When you barre, rotate the index finger a bit so its at a 45 degree angel so you are using the area between the palm bottom and the side.
I dont understand what you mean by the plam bottom and side. Could your clerify?
I dont really get what you mean, but if it sounds muted press down harder
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What I mean is, when I barre the 7th fret I have a hard time getting it from A to the e when I play the other frets. Everything is fine until I play the 8th and 9th frets on the other strings. I just wanted some advice on how to barre it better/correctly.
press harder. if its the 8th and 9th frets, then you use all your fingers, pinky and ring fingers for the 9th fret, and middle finger for the 8th fret. if thats not what you were asking, then I dont knw what you mean...
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I dont see the problem, sorry. Its just a simple barre chord pattern, im not sure which bit you find hard
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You don't really need to barre here - just put the tip of your index finger down at the 7th fret A string and make sure the root of your finger presses down the high E string, so that your finger kind of arches.
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