I was in the car a few months ago with a co-worker. He put in an Iced Earth cd I believe. It may not have been, but the first song that I came on I immediately recognized as the theme from Will Harvey's the Immortal, which is a game I have on Sega Genesis. I've been looking everywhere for information on this reinterpretation or cover of this song, even if it isn't Iced Earth I'd like to know what it is. Anyone have an idea of what it is?
I remember that game, i was a senior in high school when it came out. wow thank you sir for reminding me of this game i must go buy a copy.

But i dont remember any of the music or anything afraid i cant help you
This game came out in 1990 correct?

So to point you in the right direction, check out the album (seldom found) "Enter the Realm" by Iced Earth. It was their first recording done on a cassette tape in 1988. They have since re-released it in one of their compilations called "Dark Genesis."

Iced Earth's next release is in 1991 with the self-titled album "Iced Earth."

Hope this helps. Please get back to us and let us know what you find!
Was it a sort of epic, angelic choir right at the start of the song? If so, it could have been Angel's Holocaust, the first song on the Night of the Stormrider album. That theme is part of the Carmina Burana by Carl Orff I believe, so it's a famous piece of classical music which has probably been adapted many times. I thoroughly recommend the album anyway, it's no less than a masterpiece.