iron and wine - such great heights

slow but good
But there's no sense crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

Stand By Me- John Lennon
No Sugar Tonight- Guess Who
Hurt - Johnny Cash or NIN. Whoever you think is cooler.
A lot of Jack Johnson stuff is good.

I'm assuming your a beginner, so these are some really fun and easy ones.
Cannonball-Damien Rice
Swing Life Away-Rise Against
Rain-Breaking Benjamin
Everlong-Foo Fighters

if you're good enough with harmonics, Blurry by Puddle of Mudd sounds awesome on an acoustic, if not, it sounds like crap.
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Any song from John Mayer.
I recomend: Clarity, 3x5, Comfortable, St Patricks Day, Why Georgia, Stop This Train and My Stupid Mouth.
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Oasis - Wonderwall
John Lennon - Working Class Hero
Bob Dylan - The Times They Are-a Changin'
Jack Johnson - Taylor
Eagles - Hotel California (live version)
Goo Goo Dolls - Name
Kansas - Dust in the Wind
Paul Simon - Kodachrome
Dispatch - The General
Corey Smith - Twenty-one

Okay, thats a pretty wide variety of genres but all have great acoustic guitar in them, hope you find one that suits your tastes!
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead.
Dusty - Kings of Leon.
All Along The Watchtower - Bob Dylan.
Good Riddance ( Time of your life ) by Green Day

Broken by Seether

Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd

Acoustic bit to Fade to Black by Metallica
Iris by goo goo dolls
tears in heaven by eric clapton
Midsummer`s Daydream by Triumph

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Knocking on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
Heaven - Bryan Adams
Time after Time - Matchbox 20
john mayer - slow dancing in a burning room
jack johnson - flake
OAR - to zion goes i
dispatch - two coins
slightly stoopid - i couldnt get high
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I dont know guys, i think he means songs that've been covered acousticly not acoustic songs...
Foo Fighters did a whole album where they have acoustic versions of their songs...
Ben Harper - Drugs dont work
Matt Weddle Hey Ya
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Say Anything- I want to know your plans
The Matches- To Build A Mountain, Scratched Out, or Here's To Love
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The kind that lives in your head.
You can play any song acoustically if you're creative enough .
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Two great Radiohead songs that are pretty simple: Karma Police and Street Spirit (Fade Out).
If you're not into them, I'd check out some early Bob Dylan, old school Rolling Stones, etc.

I could have gotten your question all wrong though. Do you want songs TO cover acoustically, or do you want to COVER cover songs that have already been done acoustically?
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