okay heres the deal. the way i always used to record electric guitar was to plug it directly into the recorder. i thought this was the standard way to do it, until i got a book about recording at home and it said recording through an amp sounds better and listed different ways to do it. i decided to try it out, and so far ive gotten crap for results. i have a 50w carvin amp, and ive tried recording with an mxl cardiod pattern condensor mic about a foot away and it sounded very distant and too distorted. even when i moved the mic closer it sounded too distant. then i tried recording it through a nady dynamic microphone, which i placed about 4 inches away from the speaker like the book said. same results, except worse sound quality. i have no idea what the problem is, because all the ways ive been trying to record it are the ways it says to do it in the book and various internet resources about micing guitar amps. so, can anybody tell me how to mic a guitar amp and get good results?? thanks
If you're just using one mic (which I suggest you do to start off with) then use the dynamic mic shoved right up against the grill of the amp. Try it right in the middle of the speaker, and if it's too bright or it lacks balls, then try moving it a little bit away from the center. The best results with a dynamic mic typically come from shoving it right up against the speaker. Not 4 inches away. You can move it back a little bit, but generally you're better off right up close. With your mic right up close and near the center of the speaker (if you have two speakers, then just pick either one) you should be able to get it to sound pretty good.
Alot of ppl who mic amps put the mic a bit offcenter of the middle of the speaker. Maybe ur better off plugging from ur line out of ur amp to the recording unit on ur computer.
i would buy a shure sm57 or a audix i5

those will get you way better quality.
they are made for these types of things
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