So last week my band was playing battle of the bands and it was our first show together. We found a singer a week before the show and he was only available to practice the day before the show so I you would imagine, he didn't know the lyrics. We chose Can't Stop by the RHCP and keep Away by godsmack and at sound check, he was just humming the lyrics cuz he was clueless. We ended up tapping all the lyrics to his arm and he was reading them as we played. Everyone watching was laughing and I couldn't help it either. But everything turned out fine we got 2nd out of 7 bands and that not bad cuz we were unlucky enough to get the opening slot.
that's pretty cool. Good job
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i almost lawled

thats pretty cool though
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so what happened? you actually booked a gig without a singer? or did somebody back out?

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