Well I've been looking for decent Overdrive and Distortion pedals for a fair while now as the distortion on my amp is pretty poor.

I've been waiting a while for the new Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde to come out, but I've been doubting whether or not it really is the pedal for me.

I was thinking instead perhaps getting an Ibanez TS9DX and a Proco Rat 2 instead.

Would it be worth waiting for the Jekyll & Hyde (or maybe just simply buying the old model on ebay), or should I just go ahead and get a tubescreamer and a rat (or any other good overdrive and distortion)?
As for over/distortion pedals, I do think the Jekyll & Hyde is decent...but to be 100% honest, if you're amp sucks, that should be the thing to put money into. NO pedal can match the warmth of an amps distortion.
It's not that my amp sucks, not at all. With my vast array of pedals I can get great tones out of my amp. The clean channel is excellent, I have no issues with that whatsoever

It's just that the Dirty channel isn't anything to write home about, I currently only ever use my 2 fuzz pedals (see sig) to achieve my dirtier tones and I'd just like to have the option of using more standard OD and Distortion too.
i'd head to denmark street, they have a good selection of pedals there- HBE big D and powerscreamer (fat boost version) would be high up my list. Vintage and rare are dealers... one of the other shops has them, so you can try, but their prices are terrible.
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