i just popped the b string on my electric strat. there is now a little stub of a string left on the bridge. Ive tried unscrewing the back of the guitar and removing it that way, pulling it out the back, and attempting to pull the thing out with force. please help..i dont know wat to do
just push the string down like your pushing it into the guitar, and it comes out the back
Try unfolding a big, heavy gauge paperclip and pushing that down into the hole that the string comes up through. From the topside that is, not bottom. You could also use an old low E string to press it out also, but it's more bendy than a paperclip is. The ball end of the string is just wedged in a little is all. It'll pop out tho. If all that fails, a pin punch will do the trick too. It's like a center punch, but straight all along the business end instead of pointed like a center punch. Tap the stuck ball end of the string out gently and you're back in business.