hey all.

ive got a ltd viper 301, with a gloss black finish, and currently all black hardware. parts of the bridge and that are getting quite worn, with the screws goin a bit corroded and that. i was thinking of replaceing everything, and am thinking off changing the colour of all the hardware to either gold or chrome...i quite like gold...

so yeh what are peoples opinions on this?

im accually partial to chrome but thats just me lol do what u feel like man
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Black with chrome. Black hardware should be reserved for lightr-coloured guitars, gold looks cheesy and tacky on anything which isn't a ye olde vintage hollowbody.
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Having both a guitar with black on black and black on gold, I can say that I prefer the black on black a lot better. Gold on black does look rather nice, but can look cheesy on some guitars.
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