What are your near (hopeful) future plans as far as guitars go?

I personally am going to try to trade my red Xiphos for a black or blue one seeing as I don't love the color.

I also plan on getting DiMarzio D-Activators for my Jackson Dinky, seeing as I've had it for about 2 years, and have had stock pickups, which don't do this great guitar justice. I'm only going to replace the bridge pickups seeing as I like the stock single coils on the neck.

Next, I plan on selling the 3 guitars I never play, that being the Ibanez RG2-EX2, the BC Rich Zombie and Washburn WG-587.

Using that money, I will put it toward a Black Cherry Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. I hope to get it without a trem. I love guitars with trems, but I want one without so I can play it in different tunings and string gauges without needing to adjust the springs.

Now it's your turn.
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Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos (Chameleon Red) =D

Crate FXT65 amp with 3-way foot switch
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah Pedal
To buy:

-Semi-Hollow Body Electric
-Holy Grail Reverb
-Gibson Les Paul Studio
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New amp before anything, maybe a Fender Super Champ. Sell my first electric and get a Fender Strat most likely. Then try to build one that is the same shape as a Dean Split Tail with EMGs maybe.
I have just recently upgraded all my gear so I'm not really after anything new at the moment

Although a PGM301 would be nice
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Stratocaster fan...
i recently got a vox valvetronix amp, and soon i'm hoping to get ANOTHER project guitar. maybe a flying v this time......
Fender Strat w/ Seymour duncans
Agile Explorer w, SD livewire metal
Fender Telecaster w/ hot rail

Boss chromatic tuner
Ibanez weeping demon
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MXR Smart Gate
I'm hoping to get a new amp for Christmas, and if I'm lucky enough, a new guitar for my birthday.
New cab hopefully for christmas, then a new guitar. Perhaps an Ibanez RG or an S series.
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I'm looking at getting a new amp, quite possibly a laney VC-30 ,, still not sure which speaker size yet (there seems to be 1x12, and 1x10 if I remember correctly and which is better or what the damned difference is is beyond me atm lol)
Dean Razorback V 255 (explosion finish)
Jackson KX10 (amber sunburst)
Yamaha ERG121
random 50 quid acoustic
Randall RG50TC
- Boss Blues driver and Dynamic wah
- Fender Stratocaster Standard HSS
- New amp, preferably valve: Peavey Classic 30?
-weber amp kit (blackface i want, but maybe some other)
-MIJ strat (this winter)
-build a line buffer
-build an OCD clone
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Getting a chunk of money next month. Buying a carved top dc solid body. Looks more and more like its going to be the Carvin California Carved Top. Starting to have dreams about it. By the time cash gets here I will have made up my mind. Hope everyone here gets their dream gear.
-Buy a Hamer Californian off this guy I know. (I got the money)
-Buy a better amp
-Get better at guitar
-Buy a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
-Buy a Standard Strat
-Fix up my current piece of garbage Silvertone.

Maybe get an SG after too. Seeing as I love the Vintage SV6.
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