what are some good songs to work rhythym on? in 4/4 time signature. not as easy as the intro to crazy train where its all 8th notes but something a little more complicated, but not as complicated. im trying to improve figuring out rhythms to songs by tpaping my foot.
Look at some Coheed and Cambria songs. some of the rhythm parts are in 4/4, but not exactly straight eighths.
tenacious D? they do mostly 4/4 I think ,,,,, actually i cant remember but probly
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Sultans of Swing. The rhythm is quite cool on that for sure! You could also try Bark at the Moon. If you just play the backing guitar then it's quite cool for practise on tremolo picking and timing.
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hotel california is a good song.
i dont really study all this "musical theory stuff"
but i was in band one time.
and hotel california feels kinda like a 4/4 beat.
its chords are easy Bm Fm( i think.) Am E G D Em Fm
lots of up and down sweeps.
fun solo.
try it.
Rocking the world
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