ok i like old school thrash and death metal... i have a randall rx120dhs (a solid state half stack), an esp m-400 (2 emg 81), and a boss mt-2 metalzone.... i like my metalzone but im sort of tired of it.. what are some high end pedals for my type music? i need to upgrade. i was looking at rocktron silver dragon.. not too expensive and its a tube pedal
line 6 uber metal. greatest distortion pedal ive ever played. get it. its only like 80 bucks.
I'm dying to try a Rocktron Zombie Rectifier.

But sh!t, the silver dragon sounds and looks sweet as hell.
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digitech hardwire metal distortion
blackstar ht dist-x
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maybe look into something to add to your distortion like a tube screamer. Tech 21 has a tube amp modulator pedal for guitar that will make basicly make almost any amp sound like a million bucks when combined with a distortion pedal. (it will take out the 'vaugeness' of your sound but keep the crazy distortion that gives you the chunk. also it will give you more chunk)

but if you are sure the distortion pedal is the culprit then i recomend the line6 ubermetal, tech 21 XXL, tech 21 doubledrive, KRANK, silver dragon are all good choices.

you diddint specify wanting "more" or "less distortion" so i just kinda picked a veriety but all those will deff wave a sweeter tone then a metal zone. dont knock effects till you try them i allways say all those are are great pedals and worth looking into
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bad cat xtreme tone

skreddy mayo (Long gone except Ebay, but Matt from Stomp Under Foot might make you a clone).
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digitech hardwire metal distortion
blackstar ht dist-x

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