I have been playing the guitar for a few years now and am beginning to think about upping my current rig. Currently, i have a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT. while i am happy with it, my band will be gigging very soon and i need something with a lot more power. Im hoping to get something that will last me awhile. I play mostly heavy, classic rock, and some metal. Stuff like Van Halen etc... if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Im open to anything.
What's your price range?

You don't *need* a half stack, btw.

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Splawn, Peavey, ENGL, Marshall, newer Vox's...just go out an play some good tube amps!
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At most i would spend $1500. HOWEVER i would like to stay below that. if you know of something that's a combo etc ill love to hear your opinion
Well the 5150 was Van Halen's signature amp and it comes in either combo or half stack configurations, but with a budget like that someone can probably recommend you better...
yeah i dont live near a guitar store so before i make the drive this weekend i was hoping to get a few down so i have a couple to try out tomorrow. ive heard good things about the 5150.