I'm wondering if anyone could point me to a budget-friendly alternative to a good modern rock distortion tone, similar to Mark Tremonti's tone in Alter Bridge. I know he uses a triple rectifier for his dirty tone, and he adds (or used to?) a Klaun Centaur pedal for his high gain leads. So whether you could recommend an amp, a pedal, or both that would be a cheaper alternative to a similar tone, I'd appreciate it.
I actually play a custom guitar and amp (Princeton reverb rough replica) that my brother built. I use a crappy $15 overdrive pedal for distortion. My budget?...well...I'd have to give it a little more thought, but off the bat I'd say... $400 tops? for now? I'm not sure. If you have suggestions over that, feel free to mention them.\

Edit: I realized this is in the wrong forum. Sorry.
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