Depends on budget, music style and what you need the amp for I think.
For normal bedroom practice the Vox Valvetronix series modeling amp is a good overall amp. It's is hybrid but it's basically a solid state with some sort of tube technology I think.

I heard the Roland Cube amps are also fairly good.

And the Roland Jazz Chorus I think is a good one but I have no experiance with it.
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What type of music?

I love me a Roland Jazz Chorus.
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Roland Jazz Chorus, absolutely.

They're great for playing jazz and light blues with, my school uses 'em.
Tricky one.

I was impressed by the Vox Valvetronix, though I think the Peavey TransTube are great workhorse amps.
There aren't many high end tranny amps, though for metalheads Randall make excellent stuff, and for clean/jazz tones the roland Jazz Chorus is fantastic.

But for rock and blues music....valves win every time!
High end Randall's for metal.
Roland Jazz Chorus for clean stuff/jazz.
Line 6 Vetta 2/HD147 for whatever.
Crate Shockwave for metal.
Ampeg whatever, the amp the Crate Shockwave was modeled after is sick too for high-gain.
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Whats your price range. The Line 6 Vetta II is amazing. The HD147 is a completely different amp. The Jazz Chorus are nice for clean and very mild distortion, but are a bit sterile sounding and do not take OD pedals well at all. That is to be expected though.
The kings of solid state are the Roland Jazz Chorus and Peavey Transtubes. I prefer the Peaveys for their more tube-like sound, but the clean sparkling chorus of the Roland are beautiful.
I tried a Pritchard amp a few weeks ago, very dynamic, great cleans. OD was very sweet sounding, but price tag wasn't.

I'd say the most fun SS amp would be a flextone. Great price as well.
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Lol, another +1 for the Jazz chorus, i owned one for some time... then times got hard and had to sell her......*tear*
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Have you tried New Orleans or South America??

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