hey all.

would anyone be able to tell me what i need to record guitar and vocals onto my computer, and whats the best way to do it?

im not looking for studio quality, but just some way to make a half decent recording of myself on guitar, and then layer it with my vocals and what not. ive got audiocity or wateva its called lol.

any help would be great thanks
a cheap computer mic plugged into the line in port of your soundcard will do it.
Buy an actual microphone though, not one of those small bad quality ones. by "actual" microphone i mean the ones you see people singing into live.
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well i just figured out how to hook my vox ad30vt up to my laptop (via the line out jack onthe amp), so i can a decent recording through that, even though it bypasses the tube modelling thingy or what ever. so no do i just need to get a decent mic to record my vocals? its a low budget idea really, i wana start making my own songs, like layering my guitar parts and vocals, and get some drums from somewhere or something.
For guitar, I just use my amp lined out into my computer. My soundcard is ****ed so i've just been using the onboard sound and it still sounds very good quality wise. I then use Audacity to record it, which is a free program and is awesome.

As for vocals you could do the same thing but with a mic. You should probably invest ina decent mic though.

EDIT: As for drums, Try Acoustica Beatcraft, Fruityloops or Reason.
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