I recently ordered a new Mexican strat from a major online music store. The guitar caught my attention because it was selling for $339 as a "Blem item". I expected some minor scratches and that's what I got. Overall, it was great looking except for a few small scratches.

However, 2 of the bridge saddles were broken, making the guitar was unplayable. A small fix so I thought. I took it to a local Fender authorized repair shop to replace the saddles and to get a set-up. The man from the shop just called me today and said that the neck is warped and there's a major problem with the truss rod. He said that he couldn't set it up and that it should be returned to the store.

Of course I'm sick to my stomach now. $339 for the guitar, plus the $30 bill from the shop, plus shipping to return it. I called the store and they said that I could return it, but now I'm out $50 or more. I can't believe that a major store like this would send out such an obvious piece of crap.
next time go to guitar center, or don't get a blem. that does suck though.
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that suck a lot. bad luck. dont buy blemishes. they suck. like your guitar. it was a standard wasnt it? you should have saved for a not-blemish item.

did you buy from musiciansfriend or guitarcenter? i've heard their setups on blemishes and some "normal price" models suck balls, and its better to buy a guitar from samash for the care of the product.

buyt that sucks

Yup samash and sweetwater are the places to buy from. And at sweetwater, you can even see some pictures of the exact guitar you are buying.
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I bought it from Music123. Blemished should mean some minor cosmetic issues, not broken saddles and truss rod. This guitar was a joke. Call this a learning experience.
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Second hand, used, damaged, and refurbished are all different than "new blemished". To me that means: new with some cosmetic issues. I just thought that I could trust that company. I've had several other orders with no problems at all. I guess I'll reserve judgement until I see how they resolve this.
I would of sent it back after seeing the saddles were broken... They can't sell you a guitar that is not playable. Sorry dude, but that was totally brought on yourself.
Yup... You should have never brought the guitar to your local shop. You should have opened the box when it was delivered to inspect it. Then refused it when you saw the saddles broken. They have to refund you your money.
I bought an expensive synth for $500 off, from zzounds.com, that they advertised as a, "warehouse repack," which is their words for a customer return (which are often like brand new, at least for synths). When I received it, it was obviously a factory blemish. It had a huge gash in the aluminum frame, that couldn't have been made other than in the factory (and was simply overlooked).

I wrote them an e-mail telling them that they advertised it as a "repack" when it was, in fact, really a blemish (which I wouldn't have ordered). They immediately sent me a pre-paid return UPS sticker. A week later, they credited every penny back to my card, including the express shipping I had paid extra for, when they initially shipped the product to me.

Explain your experience clearly, in detail, and politely. If the company is good (zzounds, Sweetwater, etc.), they'll usually make good on a decent sob story.
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