How will learning notes do what? Can you specify?

It will help a lot, you'll know how to tune the guitar, find relations to notes and be able to make music.
Of course just knowing note names won't help a lot, but most of the time with it you learn theory and can relate these notes to from scales and chords.
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How will it help you be a better guitarist?

Err duh,
in composition, in jamming, in soloing in everything

its like, a painter who doesn't know what colour fuschia is
Henza x.. what colour is fuschia?

Now.. to add something to this thread.
I am currently trying to learn the note names. I think with improvising knowing note names will help me, although I have had experience learning clarinet and piano so note names might not help you improvise. Knowing enough to find a note in a few seconds would be very helpful, like if you are told something is in A major, it would be useful to know where A is.
Able to find what key songs are in, makes it easier to tune a guitar by ear, etc...
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^not too necessary, if it sounds cool, then it is cool. i mean, if it sounds cool, then who cares if it's like... right notes? there are some kick ass riffs out there that don't follow common music theory.
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It's important if you're a bass player, or if your jamming with an incompetent bass player and you have to tell him what bass note to hit with what chords you're strumming.
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Not knowing the notes on the fretboard is like henza said, like a painter not knowing what the names of the colors he uses are.


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is it necessary to learn it if i want to 'properly' write riffs (instead of using trial and error)

you could put it that way... but either way you put it, sooner or later you'll come to understand that you need notes... i mean - there are a lot of musicians out there who, when started knew **** about notes,but now know their stuff... so, to sum up, it won't hurt you it'll help you...you'll be able to recognize songs in a way you're not able now...you'll hear yourself saying: "Hey that's in A minor" or stuff like that...
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an example of how knowing the notes if good is if you feel like putting some arpeggios in the song, if you dont know where the notes are for the chord your playing over you cant get anywhere,
And in general it allows you to be "more musical" then just simply learning a scale pattern and such like cause you can tel ll how each note relates to the other etc etc rather than simply speeding through a pattern repeating licks and such :p
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How does learning the alphabet help you learn english?
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I didn't really read the replies so forgive me if this has been mentioned. By learning the notes on the fretboard, unless you're Beethoven talented you will be able to play along in key with whatever music is going on around rather than senseless babble. Sure you may play senseless babble when your fingers hit the notes, but at least it will be babble in key!