Crybaby's are alright (I never had the chance to play one, but i haven't heard great things about the stock ones being sold today on this forum.) if you plan to mod one it should be good, but if you want a wah that's great stock the Vox is good. I own the V848 and have played the V847.
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I've had the 535q for 2 years now and it was definitely worth the money . It still hasn't created any flaws, and the boost button comes in handy . And of course it has a varied range of sounds from which to select which is great.
I have the 95Q and love it. I like the wah-wah sound but I also like the fact that you can dial in a really cool sounding distortion by moving the pedal to a "sweet spot". Harmonics that ring forever, bends that sound like harps from heaven, and sustain that goes on forever. I love it .