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This is an acoustic cover of Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. I'm not really a fan of the original version, but I think the song has a nice feel to it. So I decided to make my own mini version. I thought about doing vocals but I decided it sounded nicer with simply 3 guitar tracks. I made this quickly but any feedback would be nice. I will C4C.
Not bad, very creative, kinda gives a latino feel to it
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Whoa, that was very nice!
I liked it a lot, it was deffinatley 100 times better than the original
it was really interesting listening to the guitar play the vocal melody. it sounds really good actually. the quality isn't bad and the guitar parts all sound great together. i can't help but wonder though what it would of sounded like with vocals. overall it was really neat though, no complaints. really interesting take on it.

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