Does anyone know of any good rpg games for either the original game boy or the game boy colour? (excluding pokemon, already have it)

I'm just asking because i finished pokemon red and silver on my ipod and now i want another rpg to play.

I would play other genre's of games but its just too hard to play on the ipod.

BTW, if ur wondering how the hell im playing gameboy games on my ipod, im using iboy with ipodlinux.
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Ummm, links to the software you're using to play games on your iPod please?

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Yeh - the link is wrong
but im interested in this ipodlinux thing - does it work with iPodvideo?
can you use it to play GBA games cos you could play the final fantasy gba games...
Will this mess up my Ipod Video?
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Will this mess up my Ipod Video?

I was kind of thinking the same thinking.
ohh. I thought it sound Gay-Boy RPG. Needless to say, I was shocked.
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sorry about the link it is .org :/

anyways, i have it on my ipod video 5.5g and it still works. So far, they only have gb and gbc game working a full speed, but gba games are playable at half speed.
It won't brick your ipod, and there are ways to restore the iPod to factory settings so give it a try. Just be sure to read the info before trying, it will save you lot of time.
I have it on my nano, kicks ass. I can play videos in it, and it's one of the older nanos.
Yeah, i used to have an old 2gb nano which played vids. Impresses people easily.

PS: FOund a good rpg thats good to play on an ipod, Dragon Warrior I & II. I havent played II yet cos im really into I atm.
Evertime i try to install the ipod linux it says it cant find my ipod.
im admin, nothing is using the ipod, its plugged in, its in my computer as a removable disk
what am i doing wrong?
ipod linux - doesnt work on better than the 1st gen nanos (the squarish ones) IF you are lucky you can get it on a nano. So its pretty much the crappy old ones

According to the people on their forums at least :P
It's been said, but Golden Sun is just a fantastic game. One of the best I have played.

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It's been said, but Golden Sun is just a fantastic game. One of the best I have played.

Both of them.

Challenging, lengthy, unique... Not much for mini games but because it's such a adventure (particularly with all those exploring elements where you need to discover stuff in the second one) you won't care for it.

Oracle of Ages (and then) Oracle of Seasons are good, particularly due to the extra elements when you complete one and transverse onto the other.