Looking for a new guitar,something like a Esp Ltd Viper but not that expensive I came across a brand called Visions in Guitars.
I found three VIG-Guitars at ebay and they say its a very new brand on the german market.
So I was searching for reviews etc. but found nothing that could help.

I would like to know if you've ever heard something of that brand or what you think of it especially the VIG Poison.

Here is the website: VIG-Guitars

That's the one I've chosen

Sorry for my english and thanks for your help.
English is fine.

I've had a look at their site and price list, and I'd say most of them look like a good deal; I'd try that out before you bought it though, as you can't tell how nice it feels from a photo. Stay away from the ones with FRs too, as they're likely cheap, crappy licensed ones.