Ok well there is 3 songs on this page I'm about to link you to from a few shows ago and they are our newest ones. I'd only like for you to crit 1 (any one it doesnt matter) but I will gladly take criticism on all 3. Our stage presence has dramatically improved since this show (as commented by show regulars at our last set 3 days ago) The sound is decent as far as video camera mics are concerned, and we had problems with the bass amp shorting out.

Anyway the songs don't have names yet and are still fluid as far as the lyrics being set. Any suggestions or comments would be awesome. C4C

page link on mag3k.com

The Standard Issue

This guy recorded us of his own time for free, pretty dang cool

If you hear our singer go flat here or there my only excuse is alcohol lol. Our set time got delayed 45 minutes for whatever reason so they gave us free drinks haha. Our myspace is in my sig of course
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Your band's genre isn't really my cup of tea. So I can't really comment on how I liked it. However, the musicianship was good. No timing issues or anything that I heard. The singer was off key sometimes in the second video, that's about all. I didn't like the guitar tones much, but that's just personal preference.

Good job playing, though.

I really dig the opening beat to Standard Issue, pretty nice

like the above poster, not my cup of tea but I can appreciate it
my only complaint is the sound quality, the camera should've gone direct into the mixer
other than that gj man!

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