poet! you fool, forgotten your words?
daydreamer! wake from your slumber!
they wander the skydome in vain, as if birds!
and die with the first glimpse of thunder!

oh, thunder, with lion's pride, "onward!", it cries,
and fire and embers rain from the skies.
but nobody hears the battle horns call,
the few who survived shall brace for the fall!

the moment i run with the pack's evernear.

the wind plays with ashes, a message in dust
takes its place in the hourglass and soon it is lost.
not a remembrance of me will remain,
but we shall be one in the dreamer's domain.

winds howl like wolves to the moon that we tread.
something is eating its way through my head.
the song of the rain is now uniform noise
that will be enough to drown out my voice.

the moment i run with the pack's evernear.
i really dont know what to say about it other than i liked it alot i dont understand why this isnt higher up on the threads