Hey guys, i played a pretty sweet gig last night but it made me realize that i really need a wireless system for my guitar, i like being able to go into the crowd heaps and walk away from everyone while playing, its just good fun, and leads restrict that ability.

So could you please suggest some Brands/Models of wireless guitar systems? Any links and AUD prices would be very helpful.

P.S don't just say get a long lead cos i hate long leads.
that sounds all good and fun, but my buddy plays with one and sometimes he gets delays when walking into crowds. Just something for you to think bout
If you were stricktly a stage musician, I'd say your options are a lot wider. But since you helpfully added that you like to roam in the crowd, you need to get a UHF rig. Don't get one of the really cheap ones, though. I personally like the reliabilty, and headroom of the Audio Technica wireless rigs. You also will need to do some setup when you get the unit. Be prepared to pay $300 to $400 for a good one.

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I mainly play in a band so i really am keen on getting a wireless, i dont know how much $300-$400 is in australian dollars. But i know i wont get a heaps cheap one!
Anyone know if dB technologies are good?
This question would get WAY more hits in the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum. This isn't really the right place for this.

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