My Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose doesn't return to the right place after using it.. IE when pulling it up to make the strings go up in pitch, when it's brought back down it doesn't go completely back and all of my strings are almost a half step sharp until I push the bar down manually while playing This also means no trem bar 'flutter' techniques because it just goes up and not down... Can it be repaired, or do I need a new bridge?
(It was working fine before)
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I think it might be the strings catching in the saddles, take them out one at a time, well just release the nut and flatten them so there is enough slack to lift them up, then use graphite from the lead of a pencil to line the saddles then drop the strings back in place. This should stop them from sticking if that is the problem.

Have you changed stings recently, it could be that the springs in the back are giving more tension than they should but I would think that would always effect it, i.e. non parrallel bridge when your not playing with the bar.

I reckon it is the first thing I said but have a look see if it helps.

Floyd Rose DST-2
Vox AD15VT