I am looking for a Multi FX pedal and I see a couple of brands with both good and bad reviews and it confuses me to no end! At the moment I am considering these systems.
1. Line 6 Pod X3 Live
2. Boss GT-8/ME-50
3. Vox Tonelab LE/SE
4. Zoom G9.2tt
Or should I just buy Individual pedals? It needs to be able to peform well all around, have a foot pedal for wah ect. there is no real price limit and it should go well with the Epiphone Blues Custom 30

Thanks In Advance
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at the moment i have a boss me-50 fx pedal along with a zvex fuzz factory... but the later doesnt really count :P

its a good multi fx unit. some people complain about the modulation fx being only able to be used by 1 setting (chorus, flanger, harmonizer) but in all honesty, most of the time they'll all drown out each other if u wanted to use them all at once. i've experimented with similar fx before, some funky sounds come out but its just over the top.

i love the delay options. i rarely use the distortion/overdrive pedal as i have the fuzz factory, but the settings it gives you are great.
I have a Pod Xt Live (which is bein superseded by the X3) and it really is the shizz if you put hard work into the knob twiddlin, so i'd highly recommend the X3.
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To be honest, I have heard bad things about some line 6 products *cough*Spider*cough* but I also herd some quality stuff about the Floor Pod (the pedal bieng made of flimsy plastic) is the better stuff from line 6 made better?
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