well i'm in this band and we play like progressive death metal, but it seems that the keyboardist is gonna quit for some personal reasons, not too sure yet, but the odds point to that happening, anyways, he wasn't really that much of a darling in practise sessions, so no real heart breaker there, but the problem is, that if he does decide to leave, then that leaves the rhythm section kind of lacking, so we were thinking of either getting a new keyboardist or a new guitarist, now i think the dual-guitar sound will be slightly better for our type of music, but the problem is, i have a massive ego, and i don't get along with other guitarists too well, but still i've said that i'll give it a try, but i was thinking of getting myself an effects looper, like the handy dandy boss looper, that should help me keep the rhythm while i pull on the whammy doing some strange alien guitar solo, but it's just a thought, so can you UGers please advise me on which path to take, and ohh ya, my rhythms are kind of tricky to understand, and i doubt that the second axe weilder will be able to fit in perfectly, but then again, i could be wrong, so please advise!!!
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find someone who is willing to play whatever you tell them to
definantly get a second guitarist it'll only make u a better guitarist to learn to work with another guitarist.
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get both
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a looper wont work well with a drummer un-less he wonts to tape headphones to his head
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stop being a twat and get a new guitarest as well, maybe even replace youself :P there aint no point in being in a band if your the only one people are looking at its meant to be a group thing, if you dont want that just get session musicains or some **** and do a solo thing lol
but to be far if your a good enogh guitarest you need someone to match you ego like the other guy said, get your whole band at you standard so you dont stand out
Find a guitarist theres as good as you, or almost. it shouldn't be a problem. And get rid of your ego maybe. Egos are disgusting xD
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Get a keyboardist and guitarist with twice the ego you do. I'd be perfect, but you guys probably suck, and I wouldn't waste my time with you nobodies. However, do it anyway.
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dont be an ass, if ure ego is that big you need knocking down a peg
Go with a second guitarist. Let him take care of sorting out the rhythm sections. If he's any good, he'll fit around your lead whateverthehell just fine.
get a guitarist and keyboard
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