wat type/brand of paint should i use for a satin clear finish on neck?
lmii and stewmac both sell clear satin finish (and as far as I know, both ship worldwide)

edit: I just checked, and I don't think stewmac ships finishes outside the US...
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You can put some poly on the neck then sand with 800, 1000, and finally 1200 to get a satin finish. Complete it by using some carnauba wax and buff to a shine. No "sticky neck" .

This wil also work if you are just going to paint the neck. Just let the paint cure really well....poly....and do the above. Be warned that the finish will "craze" a bit while sanding (gets milky white). Don't get upset, this is normal and will go back to normal after waxing. It is actually a great way to tell how even the sand job is. If you have a nice flat surface, the white will be even and smooth.

I just did this on my Peavy HP Signature and got great results.

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thanks alot guys, i'll try your method rcshadow