^ same as thread title

is it possible? cos i wanna annoy some of my slayer loving friends muaha


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roland synth pickup system. how much are you willing to spend to annoy your friends?
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Listen to some Tom Morello solos...
Theyre pretty techno/hip-hop (more his Rage Against the Machine solos rather than audioslave)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TDgkOOlbwg <--- 1:12 in :P
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Chorus, Delay and distortion, sounds pretty Techno to me.
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If you can get hold of one, try a Ring Mod.

Yeah, that's one of the effects in my vox tonelab. That would annoy the HECK out of them (I know it annoys the heck outta me).
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whammy pedal set up either +1/+2 octaves
delay pedal set short

killswitch some arpeggios
Add some wah in sometimes

Pretty much tom morello.
moog pedals, lots of them, or those electroharmonix hog synthesizers.
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Turn your tone knob down and pick in the middle of the neck are cheap as free ways.

Using a wah pedal but leaving it at about mid level also works as well as the many previously stated methods.
i think whammy and tremolo pedals is the easiest way of sounding techno! not much of a fan of them though,only when im in a whacky mood!

listen to john5 he has a bit of that going on! sometimes he just sounds like a friggin machine!
Lol add a buttload of effects and use a killswitch + wah constantly and run it in a digital sounding amp (spider maybe)
that would be pretty interesting xD
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why not, i started using the zakk wylde boomers and now every third note i hit is a pinch harmonic

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Lol add a buttload of effects and use a killswitch + wah constantly and run it in a digital sounding amp (spider maybe)
that would be pretty interesting xD

a bit redundant dont you think? you are saying it like "i love adore babies"

on a serious note, synth pedal is decent but really expensive, so i guess you can always do the morello
on your amp, turn the bass and treble to zero and the mid to 10. and throw some distortion and any mod effects (chorus, flanger, phaser) in there
Haha, annoying metalheads is always a good idea. Nobody's brought up the MXR Bluebox, its the most fun pedal ever, it'll handle your techno needs as well as if you want to impersonate a broken Atari or just make people say "What The **** was that?" or "Oh my god, is it your guitar or amp thats broken?"
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Just plug a bunch of random effects in and twist dials until it's as weird as you want. I personally like fuzz+ compression, and taking my DD-20, setting the delay time to 4-12 ms, the effect level all the way up, and the feedback 80% or so up to ge really weird overtones with wavelength=delay time. You can also turn the feedback all the way up and do that, you get pretty much a square wave whose pitch is determined by the delay time knob, you can play weird little melodies w/ the knob.
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Roland Synth is the only way to go. All the Moog pedals, Whammys, and Delays in the world won't get you sounding like a true synthesizer.