what are some good affordable quality cables/leads?? as the 1 i have now was cheap, and not very good, i live in aus and for the size size bout 20ft, and smaller ones for pedal - amp/fx loop, like 10 ft or something like that.

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I don't know about using them as patch cables, but for intrument cables I don't think you can go wrong with planet waves CGT's

right angled jack
10 ft
20 ft

I got 4 at £10 each with £2 postage. their not the cheepest out there, but they are awesome I bought mine back in May and I'm still on my 1st one! I've had to change cables in less than 2 weeks before now, so I can't really complain

Theres another cable thing they do that just like two jacks joined together for running a chain of effects without having leads all over the place, but I can't think what there actually called.

Bottom line look into planet waves