I have a peavy bandet 112 but the temptation is their now that i have money for a marshall

I was wondering if the marshall MG100HDFX head and MG412 Series cabinets are worth getting or if i should just settle with a new Axe?

i thank you in advance

what do you feel you need the most ? a new guitar or a new amp ?
do you think the guitar's playabilty is good, are you happy with it ?
and what do you think of your amp ? do you think you get a good sound out of it ?
or do you think it's lacking and you can't really get a good sound from it ?
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don't bother with the marshall, it won't be an improvement over the bandit.

Indeed. The Bandit is a better amp than the MG.

Doesn't mean you shouldn't look into upgrading your amp, though. If you can afford an MG halfstack, you can probably afford a nice all tube combo that'll blow either amp away. The right amp will do much more for your sound than the right guitar.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
an AVT is a hybrid amp, partially Solid State and tube. though it's more SS than tube and it also sounds like that. they're better than MG's but still average.
darn...o well i guess maybe a vox would be better cause were kinda moving into the out of my range in terms of marshall's

hows the vox AD series (I like the AD50VT and the AD100VT and their within my range)
What kind of music do you play? The Vox is alright, but like slats said you can get a valve combo for the same price as that MG halfstack, and the tone will be much better
The Vox AD series are nice amps, but don't represent a major upgrade over what you have. If you want to really upgrade your sound, the next move is to an all tube combo.

For the price of the MG halfstack, you could get a Peavey Classic 30 combo that would absolutely blow it away. The Peavey will also hold it's value much better. You could get better amps for less money by looking at the Palominos or Valvekings. I suggest you stick with your bandit until you're ready to take the tube plunge.

And I suggest you get ready.

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really like the look of the randall. how is it with two people plugged in?

Guitar amps are generally designed to have only one guitar plugged in at a time.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

Quote by jj1565
i love you slats.

Guitar amps are generally designed to have only one guitar plugged in at a time.

thats what i figured
the valveking 112 looks very possible.

would the VK 112 be an upgrade(if it is then I'll do it!)
Yeah, but there are still some better amps within your price range, like those that I suggested, and also those that slats suggested alongside the Valveking.
^ +1
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