Ok, here's the deal, I'm currently learing the solos to The Trooper & Symphony of Destruction, and have been doing so for the past 2 months. The problem is that I am getting absolutely nowhere with them, as in, I haven't been getting better at them at all. I practice at least 1 1/2 hours a day WITH a metronome, except everytime I kick it up a couple of beats, I just lose it . The only part that I do have under control is the bending at the start of the SoD solo, before it speeds up. So has anyone got any suggestions/tips/etc. to help me with this?
Any help Appreciated

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try learning the solos bar-by-bar, not all at once. and try attempt only 1 of the solos just now, learn the other 1 later
Dude do you have Guitar Pro 5?

If you aven't than go buy it!

I maanged to get somewhere with The Trooper Solo. This is because you can slow the speed down and all! and you can pause it!

So yeah.

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I can only agree with craigmileham, Take it in small bits.It´s good that you
practice with a metronome but it´sounds to me like you should set it to a lower speed.
I mean,If you haven`t improved in 2 months you must be doing something very wrong.
Practice the techniques using other licks to practice with. If I recall correctly, The Trooper has a lot of trills in it, so just work on those all over the neck. Once you are god enough overall, doing it where Dave and Adrian do is no problem.

As for Symphony, that one is a bit harder due to the fact that Marty ****in' rips and has very unique phrasing that is hard to really emulate. Try to keep your vibrato really wide, but controlled. Practice slow releases of big bends. Other than that, just work on keeping your picking and fretting hands coordinated.
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