Thing you've been caught doing?

[everyone, please don't all say "masturbate" cuz everyone knows that.]

I'll go first.

-[when i was 6] Getting a toy of the shelf of K-Mart...and then destroying it.

[this guy literally chased me around the store so that he could find my mom,but i was a swift bugger and told my mom that we needed to leave because some man was following me]

[that man is now fired from his job at K-Mart]

lol to first post. um, worst thing caught doing, looking up porn by my brother. 3 times. he's never told on me though, probably because he didn't know what i was looking at.
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Riding a quad with a friend, we didn't notice a police cruiser was watching us. As soon as we pulled on the street to leave he started chasing us. I pulled over and my friend bolted. The cop actually let me go because I stopped. He wrote me a warning, which is awesome considering another cop chased my friend and he had to do 50 hours of community service and write an essay on why what he did was wrong. I just got a slap on the wrist.

Not so bad, but eh. I try.
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and your brother all 3 times was staring there like


For me? Probably getting caught trying to buy Black Label on a school trip.

It wasn't clever...
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my father walked in my room
my girlfriend naked but hidden behind my door
and me in my boxers and wifebeater

...hes like "pizzas here" walked away unaware of what was going on
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and your brother all 3 times was staring there like


Umm i cant really remember
My friends and I were walking behind a supermarket when someone else we knew told us to help him carry some boxes. A security guard stopped us and made us open the boxes, and it turns out my friend was stealing a crapload of DVDs from Blockbuster. Asking him what we were carrying never crossed my mind and it really should have. It wasn't the first time he's tried to steal things.

It wasn't really that bad, he didn't call the police or anything. But my mother's friend was driving through the parking lot and watched everything happen. He told my mother and she was pissed that I would even think to help out that guy.
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