I downloaded Hydrogen the other day, having seen it recommended alot on here, and because its free

Anyway, the reason I wanted a drum machine was so I could add drums to my recordings.

I use Sony Acid Pro 6, and my problem is this: When I export my hydrogen drum sequence as a midi file, it is played completely differently by Acid Pro.
Apparently this has something to do with Hydrogen being built for Linux or something, I don't know. Is there any way around this? I found it really easy to come up with good beats, so it's such a shame it doesn't work.

Please, any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated!
No, it's because Acid Pro speeds it up, i use the same things. Beatmap it in Acid Pro and you should be good.
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It's not sped up at all, it plays at the right beat I want it to.

What I mean is that it plays the wrong instruments, e.g. a cowbell when I want a snare, say.

Sorry I should have been more clear in my first post.

EDIT: I've tried exporting it as a .wav file but i seem to get alot of clipping then.
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