What are the laws for riding an ATV, snowmobile or dirtbike? I never knew them because around here they don't exist. This winter I can ride my ski-doo right down main, turn down a road and drive across some guys yard if I wanted to and nobody would care. That's what I love about this place. For kids who are way too young for a vehicle sometimes I'll see a few using a quad like a car right on the road too.
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in the UK you need your motorbike license I believe for a Quad bike. We dont get enough snow for snowmobiles but I would assume its the same principle as a bike/quad.

I intend to get a 250cc Quad bike in a year or two. Its far cheaper than getting a car but I shall do driving lessons as well.

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They vary in the US from state to state, not necessarily by intention but because some areas just don't care :p

I don't know the specifics, I do know that you 'have' to be 16 to operate an ATV, wear protective gear, and it has to be off roads. Having said that, my hometown in NC loosely enforces that provided you aren't on a main road.